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Custom Flyers & Postcards

This option is only for customers who have their own custom designs and would like to upload it for printing. If you want to use our already-made business card templates, please go to use the templates instead by clicking on the button below.

Template Flyers & Postcards

This option is good for you if you just want to use one of our already-made business card templates and customize it with your own information, images and place an order for printing.
Flyer Postcard Printing

Custom Business Cards

This option is good for you to upload your own artwork or design.
You can also request a custom design and our professional graphic
designers will uniquely design your business card for you.

Template Business Cards

This option is good for you if you just want to use one of
our already-made business card templates and customize it with your
own information, images and place order for printing.


14PT Paper Stock:

The paper stock generally refers to the thickness of the paper. 14pt paper is one of the most common thicknesses available for paper stock. It’s most often used in postcards and business cards.

16PT Card Stock:

16pt is thicker than 14pt. The added thickness gives it firmness when held in hand. And the benefit is that it can handle a little more of abuse, scratches and wear a little longer than 14pt card stock.

18PT Paper Stock:

18pt paper is equal to .018 inches thick. 18pt card stock are a solid choice when you want thick and substantial cards with luster coated finish and many other thick coatings or finishes.

100LB. Gloss Book

100 lb. Gloss Book is a full bodied paper stock, good for some business cards, flyers; but better for brochures and catalogs, flyers and booklets because it feels weighty, but substantial.

Uncoated Finish:

Uncoated paper has no coating. It means, the paper is porous and absorbs more ink. Therefore, images can lose a bit of their sharpness, at least in comparison to coated paper printing.

Varnish Coating:

Varnish coating can be a spot treatment applied to only certain elements of the project or can be a flooded, all-over coating. It also comes in different varieties: Gloss (Glossy, Shiny), Matte (No shine), and Satin (Low Gloss, it can be written on).

Glossy or UV Coated:

Gloss/High Gloss UV coating consists of applying a varnish to standard printing product and then sealing it with UV light. As a result, the colors are enhanced and the product looks glossy.

Laminated Coating:

Laminated coating is applied across the entire printing. It has a strong, washable finish with high gloss. It won’t yellow or flake over time and is scratch-resistant.

Best Selling Coating or Finish

More Flyer & Postcard Types

Our Flyers and Postcards are offered in a variety of premium card stocks. When you give them out,
the receiver or your customers will be impressed with the colorful and quality paper used to print them.

You can customize the professional good looking already made design with our great product designer with your favorite shapes, colors,
fonts, and logos to make it just the way you want it. Or you can also upload your own designs or artworks, save them and place your printing order.

Standard Flyers & Postcards Pricing Summary


Need Luxury Cards?

If you need a custom and luxury card, please use the custom design and order option to upload your own professional design artwork or graphics. You may also request a unique custom professional design by our professional graphic designers.

Don’t have your own design to upload or can’t order custom design? Don’t worry.
Just go to our already-made templates and modify them with your own information to submit for printing.